Embracing You Completely As You Are

You are not just the past, 
The present 
or even the future

You are not just the events that have happened,
The tragedies that have occurred nor
All of the joyous moments cherished.

You are the sum 
of all of your experiences and 
the whole of all your  perceptions too

There is no right 
and no wrong in how you think, 
or what you feel, 

There are no shoulds or should haves
No coulds or could haves
Only the choices made at a particular moment in time

Through it all
There is only an embracing 
of the whole of you

Life is never a series of bad decisions
Or mistakes in timing
Or what ifs

Life is never a test or an examination
Neither is it simply a culmination of hard work
Big effort or deserveability 

Life for you is all exactly as it is meant to be
The beautiful, the good, 
the bad, the ugly

All of it to be embraced
All of it to be loved
All of it simply a reflection

Of the beauty the joy the passion and the love
Of the mighty, worthy person 
that you truly are.

Experiences do not happen to you
Experiences make you who you are
Embrace them

And through them all, 
embrace the complete whole 
of who you are.

31 December 2018