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Joyful Living

Finding Joy in Little Things

by Li-ling Ooi

In a world, where goals, ambitions, and the pursuit of life’s great achievements compete for our attention, ‘Joyful Living – Finding Joy in Little Things’ serves as a reminder of the treasures to be found in life’s quiet, often hidden, spaces. This is not just a book; it is a philosophy — a way of seeing and a call to finding joy in the tiny moments that permeate throughout life’s larger milestones.

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Fillable PDF eJournal: Life is a series of moments, some fleeting and some lasting, but all integral to our journey.“60 Prompts to Inspire Joy” is more than a journal; it’s your personal guide back to those cherished moments – the ones that ignite the spark of joy within us.

Fillable PDF eJournal: Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards boundless joy and fulfillment? “60 Prompts to Inspire Gratitude” is your ticket to a more joyful, inspired, and profoundly grateful life. Unleash the power of gratitude now.

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A Year of Money and Abundance

60 Mantras to Supercharge Your Year

by Li-ling Ooi

Power-up and super charge your relationship with money, wealth and abundance! If you too have a love-hate relationship with money, that is, you love having lots of money but hate that it doesn’t come quickly nor easily, then this book is absolutely meant for you.

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Principles of X-ray Crystallography

1st Edition

by Li-ling Ooi

X-ray crystallography has long been a powerful tool in the elucidation of the three-dimensional structures of small molecules and macromolecules. However, despite its power, it is a technically challenging subject that those new to the technique often find daunting.