When my heart is heavy

On the days my heart is heavy
And my chest feels constricted tight
There’s not much to do, I suppose
But rest and not put up a fight

To lie back and ride the waves
As rough seas bob up and down
Just hold on tight and stay afloat
Pray for a moments calm

It does help to always remember
That highs without lows cannot exist
And every star that twinkles
Needs the darkness to surround
For we cannot experience life
Without both it’s valleys and it’s mounds

So as I wait for the clouds to clear
For the sun to shine again
I find in my secret arsenal of promise
The whole of who I am
One who is of value, of worth and stature true
I bring my gifts of talents, strengths and wonders too

So on the days when my heart feels heavy
I sit and rest a while
I remind myself, this too shall pass
I’ll soon begin again with a smile.

26 September 2022