When Fears and Negative Thoughts Arrive

When Fears and negative thoughts arrive
Invite them in 
Give them a place by the fire to warm their toes and their souls
Offer them tea and biscuits and ask them to stay for but a while

Listen to what they have to say, hear them out
Patiently, calmly, non judgementally
And when they, and you, are ready, send them on their way and know

Know that all that it is, is a perspective
A one sided judgement on what could be or may be
Yet so many more possibilities, so many more opportunities exist beyond just the perspectives of fear

So hear them out, listen and accept, that 
All fear is, is simply a view, an angle, a perspective
Share your thanks for the concern
Your gratitude for your very own, very real
Very effective antennae of judgement

And know that despite any fear, worries or negative judgements
In each and every moment, you have the ability

To believe in yourself
To embrace your own amazing talents, knowledge and …
To know that you’re worthy and valuable
Of everything and anything that you can imagine and oh so much more too.

21 Dec 2018