Sleep dearie sleep

Monday 19th Sept 2022: Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest in a State Funeral that was attended by Kings and Queens and State Leaders from all around the world. It was at her own request that Sleep Dearie Sleep, a traditional bagpipe piece will be played by the Queen’s Piper ended the service.

And as the Queen lay resting
Her solemn promise kept
For ‘I shall serve my people
Whether my life be long of short’

Hundreds upon thousands
Waited nights in the street
In queues all around
The epic Tower Bridge

A silent hush
An austere smile
Reminders of
Her devoted while

Ninety six years long
The life she led
Seventy dedicated
To the Crown and the land

Kings and Queens
And consorts bowed
Heads of states
All stayed a while

Thank you for your service
Ever grateful for your lead
Rest well now, sweet Queen
Sleep, dearie, sleep.

(c) Li-ling Ooi