There is only Us and Us

There is only Us and Us

In a world divided
by skin colours and race
by beliefs and politics
and religions a pace
as man looks around
there is no ‘Them’ against ‘Us’
look closely again
there’s only ‘Us’ and ‘Us’

The politician speaks
‘Let it be known
the other side is guilty
I’m sure it will be shown’
yet as we look closely again
there is no ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’
across land mass and seas
there’s only ‘Us’ and Us

As gripping fears divide
tempers flare and fingers point
they are wrong and we are right
all common sense lost
far across land and sea
there is no ‘Them’ or ‘Us’
beyond mountains and valleys
there’s only ‘Us’ and Us

All for one and one for all
Unite and united
Together we stand
For there is only ever ‘Us’ and Us

30 May 2020

~ Li-ling Ooi