Leaping Lizards and Flying Squirrels – Questions Asked and Answered

Science and spirituality, for most of my life has resided in two separate compartments.

Perhaps because I grew up in an Eastern culture where Spirituality was accepted as the norm, explanations were not always necessary. Knowing had to be good enough and so that was probably how I came to view most things connected with Spirituality.

Science however, has allowed me the opportunity to tinker, to be curious, to keep asking questions, to strive for more understanding. Luckily for me, both were contained within their own separate boxes and thankfully neither caused me to question the other (perhaps a better explanation on this here).

Still, this transition to the interface between the two, where I realised that my Science training and expertise could actually provide explanations for some of the Spiritual ideas was not something that came naturally or easily. I pondered and questioned internally for a long time.

Until one morning, pretty much fed-up of second-guessing myself, I asked for a sign. A sign that would tell me, that what I was about to embark on was not crazy or absurd, a sign that would encourage me to make ‘the leap’ so to speak.

Do you believe in signs?

That morning, we walked through the botanical gardens where we usually walk Ollie, our Yorkie. I had forgotten all about my request for a sign by then.

This time in the park, everything seemed to be so alive. There was a rather heavy fog, that just seemed to be lifting but it did not seem to disturb the creatures who lived there. The birds were everywhere, there was a woodpecker that I heard in the tall trees. A robin sang us his song…and then I saw a squirrel leap, about 60 feet up, from one tree to a neighbouring one.

Wow! I thought. That was pretty cool.

As I turned the corner around one of the bendy paths, again, I saw another squirrel propel itself, jumping off the precarious end of one tree’s branches, expertly landing on another, the opposite side. It was at this point, I remembered my ‘ask’. I realised, that it was an amazing message to just ‘take the leap’.

Yet, you know how it is, you just need to be sure, don’t you? And so I said to myself, if I see another squirrel jump out of the tree, I’ll know it’s a sign for me. And then I started looking out for squirrels…

About 10 minutes in to the walk, I realised that I was trying too hard. I had to consciously tell myself that if I saw a squirrel that was fine and if I didn’t that was fine too. Having ‘let go’ of the squirrel hunt, I once again turned to enjoy the park in all it’s glory.

And then around another hidden corner, just behind a beautiful magnolia tree coming into full bloom. I saw him, the last squirrel who confirmed my message – fly – this time, not from tree to tree, but from a path-bridge across to the upper branches of the tree.

How amazing it was to see my question answered by signs so unlikely.

And in case you’re wondering, although I’ve seen squirrels in the park, I’ve not seen that many ‘leaps’ in one day, much less in half an hour.

The answers you need are everywhere. Just ask

So that’s me told. The Universe does answer. Science may not have the capacity to prove why or how yet, but something tells me, it’s because we are all connected somehow.

Have you ever asked for and received answers in signs before?