Some days are just for quiet

Some days are just for quiet
A gentle reckoning
A time to be silent still
So the contemplation can begin

It’s when some change has just begun
When there has been a rock-rollin’
When differences doth surround
And it’s difficult to settle in

Taking some time out for quiet
Is the right true bravest way
Is it any use to get lost
and caught up in the fray

So settle down in comfort
To your armchair have a rest
To listen to the quiet
Focus on your heart’s behest

For if the noise that surrounds you
Distracts you from your peace
Distance yourself for silence
Be still and rest at least

There’s nothing more important
Than clarity of the mind
Than pursuits of happiness
To yourself be kind

Some days are just for quiet
Be still and listen in
Be generous to your own true self
Embrace the value of you within

22 Sept 2022