What It Truly Means to Be Brave

Beyond the heroes and crime fighters,
Beyond the news of tremendous feats that pulsates its way around the world,
Beyond the telling and retelling, stories of ancient strength and power,
There lies an unknown, unspoken tale of bravery barely acknowledged, seldom told.

Of the mother, who braves the gut-wrenching, heart-stopping fear,
of realising,
she can no longer afford to feed her babies.

Of the father, who in that mind- numbing moment when his job,
the only family income,
becomes a casualty of a corporate takeover.

Of the husband, who finds the courage to tell his wife,
that no matter what the doctors say,
theirs has been a life of wonder and adventure like no other.

Of the man and woman along the street,
huddled together in a sleeping bag,
braving the cold and the indignity of stares.

And so far beyond the heroes,
whose worthy names we roll call,
Hear the feats of bravery of those whose names,
we will never know.

Feel the depths of love that spring forth,
From each of these valiant heroes of every day,
Celebrate all of theirs and especially, all of your own,
Acts of bravery each day.

Feel the pride in your step as you spring forward to greet everyday,
with the celebration of the gift that is each new day,
every moment that is a new beginning,
and every encounter, a feat of bravery in every way.

4 January 2018