And This Is How The Universe Replied

Have you ever asked the Universe for an answer?

Do you know that while you are
but a strand in the woven tapestry of life,
there is only one of you.

One precious, amazing, wholesome, wonderful you.

And This Is How The Universe Replied

In desperation and depression I begged,
“Please! Dear Universe, we need your help.
We’re down to our last pennies
And we need something to change”.

As my mind silenced and my heart eased,
This is how the Universe replied.

Know that everything,
every single thing is always working out for you
Everything that you are working on now,
will turn to gold

No matter how difficult and big
Or how small and seemingly insignificant,
Everything that you do is of great,
great value.

There is no one else on this earth,
Or anywhere else in this Universe,
Who has had your experiences and perspectives.

Your ideas, ideals, thoughts,
emotions and beliefs
are so valuable
to the whole world and everyone in it,
because there is no one else
who is able to bring your message,
your experience and your expertise
forth to share.

Know that you are on a path that is truly yours,
for no one else before you or after you
will ever walk that same path again.

And most of all,
Trust that all will be well.
With love to you always.

15 July 2016