The Journey Here

Just for a moment today,
Look back.

Look back,
Through the winding paths and
Pot-holed, cracked pavements
Through the thorn bushes and
The occasional sweet-smelling rose

Look back and see
Just how far you’ve come
Despite all those detours and false starts
In spite of the detractors and nay-sayers
Against the billowing wind and howling rain.

You’ve walked the path
Just one foot in front of the other
Sometimes it seemed harder than you could ever imagine
Other times the wind seem to push you along and lift you up

And in the end, no matter how long it took
Or where the road took you
You arrived.

Exactly where you were meant to be
Exactly where you are now

So for a brief moment today,
Look back.

Look back
In appreciation
For all the smiles and the tears
Along the way
For all the lessons learnt,
Friends made, love gained.

Look back today
And know,
That the you
That you are today,
Would not be here if not for
Those winding paths and
Pot-holed pavements
Those thorn bushes and
Sweet-smelling roses.

You made it here
Right where you are today!

18 Oct 2018