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Monday Money Mantras

Every Monday. One Mantra. Your Mindset.
Watch Your World Change.



What the Monday Money Mantra is all about

The messages we tell ourselves are without a doubt the single most important part in the lives that we lead and the paths that we choose the follow.

Interestingly, in our daily lives, we unwittingly and unknowingly often repeat messages of lack, of hardship, of things being expensive and unaffordable. And then we feel frustrated and unworthy when our reality continues to display exactly those versions of truth that we continuous herald by telling and re-telling the stories we dislike.

It is often a challenging change to make to move from telling stories of the unwanted to repeating stories of immense gratification – of experiences that are amazing and ‘out of this world’.

And yet, for as long as we continue to tell stories of things we do not desire, we continue to experience that, which we do not desire.

Monday Money Mantra is a little love note written for you to remind you how worthy and valued you are.

While it’s aim is to help raise your awareness of the abundance that surrounds you, it’s messages stretch far beyond that.

Join me Every Monday. One Mantra. Your Mindset. And watch your world change.

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