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Attempting to write about myself in third person is amusing at best and difficult at worst. And yet an About page is where I have been advised to attempt to reach out and connect with you, my dear friend, reading this, to give you an idea of me – as a person.

Although how this can be achieve solely with words, is hard to say. For aren’t we all multi-dimensional creatures – with the ability and desire to present our best selves to however it may suit that the story be told?

Anyhow, in order to do this, objectively, without any risk of conjecture. I figured it best to it based on the following sub-headings (organised creature that I am). If there are any parts to my tale that you wish me to elaborate or questions that you desperately need an answer to, or that you might kindly think me suitably qualified Рfeel free to contact me on FB, or via the Contact page.

First up, about Li-ling’s


Passions for the finer things in life have been described as the staple of a Capricorn’s nature – and this Li-ling can attest to be true. However far beyond passions of a physical nature, Li-ling is a genuinely recovering Type-A personality and although it has gotten her far in life, she recognises that there is far, far more to Life than the competing hamster-wheel it is bound to be for Type-A’s.

She enjoys swimming and yoga when opportunity permits beyond the constant and routine finger exercises on her Macbook Pro. She is a big fan of the meeting point between classical and techno music and loves listening to good music – which is of course, entirely based on personal taste and moods at the time of listening.

She loves roses and rose scents, whether it’s because of the complexity of it petals or simply because it reminds her of Yardley Rose-scented talcum powder, so loved by her grandmother, she is not sure and hasn’t quite figured it out.


The funny thing about experience, as Li-ling has found is that, when you’re young, you don’t believe it at all necessary to living well, ‘The world is your oyster…’ and all that; but as time marches on, and life – well, it happens, and experience seems to be the only sane binder that one can point to and say, ‘Well it’s like wine, it gets better with age’.

Some truths she has gathered and lived, through life experiences include

What people think of you, really doesn’t matter; what you think of yourself counts for everything.

Success, however you define it to be, is the meeting place between vision, inspiration and everything you believe you need to give for it.

A life well-lived, is one, that as you close your eyes to sleep each night, you can look back on your day, remember all of it’s joyous moments and fall asleep knowing, that even if you don’t wake up tomorrow, a wonderful day has been had.

Life is accented by all the big occasions but it really happens in all the little moments – treasure them.

And if you enjoyed reading, and would like to get in touch – please do.

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