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DAY 7: Reflection & Celebration Today's Focus: Look Back and Forward

Unplug and Recharge


Day 7 of 7 Days to Joy

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final day of your 7-Day Journey to Joyful Living. Let’s reflect and celebrate.

As we draw to the end of our week together, we reflect on all the little things that have brought joy into our lives over the past week. Some activities and suggestions may have felt natural, while others may have been completely unexpected.

Either way, I hope that you too have enjoyed our week together and have learnt that little moments of joy surround us each and every day. We just have to pay attention.


ACTION: Reflect and Dream

Take 15 minutes to journal about the past week. Reflect on your journey and how each activity made you feel.

PROMPT: What were the standout moments of joy this week?

How can you integrate these practices into your daily routine


ACTIVITY: Look Back and Forward

Write down the most joyous moment from the past week and one way you’ll continue to seek joy in the days ahead.

REFLECTION: What was your biggest takeaway?

What was your biggest takeaway from this journey?


Thank you for taking this journey with us. Remember, joy is a continuous journey, not a destination.

Joyful Living - Finding Joy in Little Things


Whether you’re seeking greater happiness, coping with life’s challenges, or simply looking to lift your days with more positivity, “Joyful Living” is your trusted companion on the path to a richer, joy-filled, more fulfilling life.

Uncover the joy that’s been waiting for you in the little things.

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