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DAY 6: Digital Detox Today's Focus: Disconnect to Reconnect

Unplug and Recharge


Day 6 of 7 Days to Joy

It’s the 6th Day of our journey.Today we focus on taking a break from the technology that usually permeates every part of our lives.

Taking a conscious break from screens and technology, can often feel unmooring. If you have always had access to your mobile phone or a screen, consciously putting it down can feel as if you’ve lost something.

Yet if you manage to, you will find great benefits – a calmer, more quiet outlook, worrying less about what’s on social media, and perhaps most importantly learning that not everything requires an immediate response or reaction. Try it – put your tech away.


ACTION: Declutter, Unplug and Simplify

Choose a small area of your living space to declutter. It can be a drawer, a shelf, or your desk.

PROMPT: How Did You Feel Decluttered?

How does your space feel after decluttering? How does it make you feel?


ACTIVITY: Spend 1 Hour Being Unplugged

Spend 1 hour without any digital devices. Read, meditate, or just relax.

REFLECTION: How Did You Feel Unplugged?

How did it feel to take a digital break? Finding balance brings joy.


Finding balance brings joy.

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