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DAY 4: Creative Expression Today's Focus: Joy in Movement

Dance, Stretch, and Move Joyfully!


Day 4 of 7 Days to Joy

It’s the 4th Day of our journey and today we are focusing on creative expression.

Today we focus on our own creative expression. For some it might mean a physical activity – dancing, Zumba; for others it might mean breaking out a new notebook, or getting out the water colours. Whatever creative activity you’ve been waiting to get started on, right now is the right time.


ACTION: Dedicate 2o Minutes to a Creative Activity

Dedicate 20 minutes to a creative activity you love or have wanted to try. It could be drawing, writing, dancing, or even cooking a new recipe.

PROMPT: What emotions arose from your creative time?

What do you feel? What emotions or revelations arose from your creative time?


ACTIVITY: Movement is more than exercise

Dance to your favourite song, stretch for 10 minutes, or take a brief jog. Movement is more than exercise—it’s a celebration of what our bodies can do!

REFLECTION: How did your body and mind feel afterward?

Movement can be a direct path to joy.


Movement can be a direct path to joy.

Joyful Living - Finding Joy in Little Things


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