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DAY 2: Gratitude Today's Focus: Recognizing and Celebrating Your Blessings

The Power of Gratitude in Your Life


Day 2 of 7 Days to Joy

It’s the 2nd Day of our journey and today we are focusing on the power of gratitude

Much has already been said about the power of gratitude, the magic that comes with focussing and noticing all that we already have within our lives.

Yet the practise of gratitude rarely comes naturally. In our very human nature, we are compelled to focus on all the things that are lacking, and all the things that are difficult in our lives (you can blame biology, honest). But truly, when you start looking at your life with different lenses, recognising and noticing all the good that already surrounds you, your life takes on a different meaning. Try it – appreciation and gratitude, so much to be thankful for.


ACTION: Write a Heartfelt Note

Write a heartfelt message or note to someone you care about, expressing your appreciation.

PROMPT: How Did It Feel?

How did it feel to express your gratitude, and how was it received?


ACTIVITY: List 5 Things You are Grateful For Today

List 5 things you’re grateful for today. Dive into why they matter to you.

REFLECTION: How did it feel to focus on the positive?

Gratitude has the power to shift our entire perspective. Embrace it.


Gratitude has the power to shift our entire perspective. Embrace it.

Joyful Living - Finding Joy in Little Things


Whether you’re seeking greater happiness, coping with life’s challenges, or simply looking to lift your days with more positivity, “Joyful Living” is your trusted companion on the path to a richer, joy-filled, more fulfilling life.

Embrace the joy that’s been waiting for you in the little things.

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